Thank you for placing your invaluable trust in me over the past 10 years, I will continue my best efforts to watch over your life tracks and steer you towards the life you set for both yourself and your loved ones.


Prior to joining financial advisory ten years ago, I was already hovering around in the Oil &Gas industry enjoying fat bonuses year after year. Having completed my Honours Degree from University of Manchester along with a cushiony fixed day job at age of 25, life was definitely comfortable, just so much so that it got mundane and meaningless. The opportunity for progression is absolutely scarce, for our KPIs were merely based on your superior’s personal opinion and no seniors would ever quit from such cosy positions just so we can promote. Determined to call my own shot in life and prevent my brain from turning to rust at early stage, I decided to volunteer myself to the insurance industry, somewhere I can command the kind of income and flexibility based on my own efforts, and also where I can accelerate my personal growth at top speed.

Being able to incorporate with Vision Advisory has been gratifying and one worthy decision in my career.  VA is totally unique on its own, armed with a robust structure of extensive platforms, loaded with immense operational support along with intensive training grounds to ensure that all advisers are adequately equipped with the necessary knowledge. Of course, all these would never be made possible without the strong yet caring leadership from our Director Tony Cheng as well as my outstanding colleagues and team all well endowed with varieties of talents and fortes.

As a daughter, a wife and a mother, I get the freedom of time to balance for my beloved family. As a fully fledged practitioner, I get to do the right things for my clients to protect them, build their wealth and create legacies for their generations to come. As a leader, I get to lead by example so that our juniors will emulate the rightful behaviours and achieve the goals they set out for themselves. I would advise people joining our industry to be mentally prepared, for your mindset is what separates the best from the rest.

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2019 – MDRT, TITANS Club

2018 – MDRT, TITANS Club

2017 – MDRT, TITANS Club

2016 –MDRT, TITANS Club

2015 – MDRT


2013 –Prudential Quality Club, QC Elite, Zurich - Premier Club, EFC

2012–PrudentialQuality Club, QC Elite, StarClub, StarClub Premier

2011 –Prudential Quality Club, QC Elite, StarClub, Starclub Premier, SFC

2010–Prudential Top 5 Best Rookie, FastTrack Award, Quality Club, QC Elite, StarClub