Thank you for entrusting your financial planning needs to me and I will continue to commit my very best effort to refine your financial goals according to your life plan.


I started out as a financial planner after I graduated in 2012 . When I was in my university final year I was persuaded by my school peers ,who were in the insurance industry, to join them. After some serious consideration, I decided to jump into this industry after meeting my mentor, Jimmy Ng.

The initial stage of my career was a real struggle because I had limited network and most of my contacts already have their own financial consultant.  Fortunately, Vision Advisory had a tremendous platform support system for Financial Consultants like me, ranging from training, activities , recruitment ,welfare committee to guide its advisors to success. Being in VA is like being in a part of a big family with a common goal toward success. Throughout my 7 years of experience, I have learnt that hardwork , perseverance, willingness to learn new skills are the key to succeed in this business.

In addition, an experienced mentor is just as essential as well. The most memorable moment in 2018 was me and my wife achieving MDRT together ( a goal we made together after I did mine alone in 2017). Moving forward, I hope and aim to form our own team and guide newcomers to success as well.  

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