Thank you to all my clients who have entrusted me with their financial planning, even though I’m so inexperienced compared to the greats in the industry. Your bravery to take the leap of faith with me will eternally be appreciated and I will do my best to honor the trust you placed in me.


I’m Kaiser Tan and this is my fourth year as a Financial Services Consultant, achieving both COT and MDRT qualifications in my first two years. I gave up a comfy job as a graduate associate at a bank because I could not stand being chained to a desk and having an opaque progression system based on obscure rules. I wanted to have real autonomy on my future, be it remuneration, career progression or even work-life balance. This goal is what led me to joining VA Group and I am glad to say it’s one of the best decisions of my life so far.

For people who are looking to join this industry, please look elsewhere if you are not strong willed. It is a lonely and difficult industry; Only join a team, whereby your directors are visionaries, your managers are caring and your peers supportive. Only when you have the eco-system like we have with Vision Advisory support platforms, will the pain of walking this path be bearable.  

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