Thank you for entrusting your financial planning needs to me and I will continue to commit my very best effort to refine your financial goals according to your life plan.


Being in the financial advisory business for the past 20 years, I am highly passionate in my quest to provide financial literacy to my clients and the public. I understood the importance of financial wellbeing at a very young age, coming from a humble family background.

Hence as a young man, I made a decision to learn and be guided by highly experienced mentors to achieve success in my goal of financial freedom. Over the 20 years of quest for excellence, I have been guided and trained by the industry gurus. Joining VA Group allowed me to continue that learning journey, as VA grooms each individual holistically and provides different platforms for practitioners to give solution that cater to the clients’ desired outcome.
When I am home, I play the role of a father to my four children. I advocate the importance of family, and my wife is the most important confidant in my business. Though our partnership not only at home but also in business, we have structured a formidable team in the industry. I strongly believe in the term “Paying It Forward” and my motto in life is “To Be the Best That You Can Be!”

After 20 years I’m still constantly learning and improving along the way, it’s definitely a fulfilling and rewarding career. 

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