Thank you for entrusting your financial planning needs to me and I will continue to commit my very best effort to refine your financial goals according to your life plan.


After 8 years in the banking sector, I realised my true passion as a wealth advisor and wanted to seek new challenges so I can offer more financial solutions to my clients through multiple platforms. For me, the top 3 qualities that a good advisor needs to have is accountability, honesty & sincerity. We need to be accountable for what we advise, honest in our choices and sincere in our recommendations.

In 2018, I moved out of my comfort zone from my banking job to MFA in July, then found out I was pregnant in OCT 2018. With body and mental challenges and a steep learning curve, I still managed to achieve my COT goal. The amazing support that VA has provided is crucial to my journey. With knowledgeable and experienced directors to learn from, as well as the monthly compulsory meeting, which I find motivating and useful. The admin support from VA is also very efficient, directly assisting my sales processes. My favorite quote is: Your life is the sum of all your choices. You make a choice today, and you stick by it. Don’t live in regret and never land yourself in a situation that 10 years down the road, u turn back and ask yourself, what if you have or have not done that? Don’t limit yourself in whatever you do, as long as it’s within your conscience & capability, the sky is the limit!

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