I sincerely thank all my clients, relatives and friends who have place businesses with me over the years With all their continuous support I am who am today. Thank you!


I joined Manulife as a financial consultant since I graduated in 2011 from Poly. Back then I am very driven to get into a job as soon as possible, so I looked through the newspapers ad & I saw Manulife was hiring. I know that I have nothing to lose in trying out a career that has no income ceiling.

The initial stage of my career was a real challenge because I was only 21 years old and I had a limited network. I have to start with both the warm and the cold market. However as my warm market was all around my age, I decided to focus fully on the cold market. It’s very fulfilling and meaningful to acquire clients from the cold market. It gave me a sense of satisfaction. I am glad and fortunate that I joined VA Group. This is because VA provides a variety of platforms supporting new advisors. It ranges from training, activities , recruitment and welfare. With the guidance provided by my Director and manager, it made my career not only easier but also fun. And a plus point is that I have many supportive teammates.

I am also surrounded by many experienced mentors who gladly share their advice and experiences with me. They help me grow and learn in this industry. Being in Vision is like being a part of a big family with a common goal toward success. Hardwork , perseverance, willingness to learn and explore new skills, these attributes are the key in this business.  “Do not ever quit” attitude will bring you to greater heights.

The most memorable moment was in 2018 because my husband and myself achieved MDRT together (a goal we made together after my husband achieved his MDRT in 2017). 

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