Thank you for your continuous trust and support as we journey through your Financial Planning needs together. Your confidence in me and the friendship we foster means a lot to me.


I joined Vision Advisory upon my graduation from the Singapore Management University, a decision motivated by my conviction that the traditional 9-to-5 routine behind an office desk will never fulfill my hunger to achieve more in terms of personal growth and recognition for my hard work. It was the right decision. Over the last sixteen years, I am truly lucky to have had the opportunity to meet wonderful individuals including both Singapore-based and overseas clients. The enriching experiences that my clients, friends and business partners and I journeyed through together continue to inspire and humble me. The trust and friendships that blossomed over financial planning are the most fulfilling and memorable aspects of my profession.

The years spent in the competitive financial planning industry have been immensely instructive. Not only I have grown a great deal as an individual, I am compensated by the business we underwrite. To borrow a familiar saying, the sky is the limit for those who aspire!

As I mature in this dynamic industry, trust and teamwork are enablers I will continue to genuinely appreciate. In Vision Advisory, as part of the management team, we collaborate within the Vision cluster and strategically use various innovative platforms to support our consultants. Driven by our client-centric emphasis, we collectively care for our clients via regular programmes and events. Our transition from the tied agency model to the open architecture structure with Manulife Financial Advisers (MFA) 5 years ago marked a new milestone in my career. I am now able to provide my clients with more financial options from a range of insurers and investment platforms and this enabled me to assist them with their financial planning needs even more satisfactorily.

If you are looking for a career that touches and influences families and businesses, and are a positive individual with an open mind, contact me to find out more!



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