I would like to thank all my clients for their trust and confidence in me, providing them sound financial solutions that suit their needs, value-adding to their current portfolio and re-designing it to cater for their different stages in life. I am very grateful for the wonderful compliments on my providence of opinions and concepts that are so well received, and I will continue to strive for excellence as I grow with my clients.


In my opinion, there are 3 personal values that I hold dearly to, throughout the 17 years of my professional career, which I find that is indeed also very relevant to the Financial Industry.

Integrity, Empathy and Professionalism. There are no bad products, only bad recommendations. There is no denied claims, only incapable consultants.  There is no fraud, only misrepresentations.

Hence, I always believe as Financial Consultants, we should always keep our clients’ needs in mind during recommendations, explain everything to avoid disputes, and always state the product as it is and provide the best to what our clients deserves.

Joining VA Group has been fruitful and the decision was an informed one, after listening to other providers, platforms and groups. The structure, platform, products suite, agency setup and cohesive team made my success inevitable, as it only boils down to plain hard work and dedication. With that, I would also like to give my gratitude to my fellow comrades as we continue to strive to deliver nothing short of the best. I will continue to strive for excellence as I grow with my clients through their different stages in life.

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