I would like to thank all my clients for placing their trust in me and my AVP Jeremy Fu for constantly guiding me towards the path of success as an agent. I will continue to commit my very best effort to refine your financial goals according to your life plan.


I joined Manulife Financial Advisers, MFA in 2017. I was with NTUC Income previously and I did not hesitate to make the move over with the sturdy support of my AVP Jeremy Fu. Within a short 4 months after I obtained my RNF I was able to achieve my very first MDRT in 2017. It was a memorable and impactful achievement as I pushed myself to attain such a result.

Vision Advisory was a clear choice for me, as I felt tied agency was too restrictive and I was unable to offer different products to customers who wanted a variety of options. The impeccable leadership of my AVP and SVP helped me immensely throughout my time in VA. Because of this, I attained MDRT for the 2nd time in 2018 with ease.

As a Financial Advisor, I have learnt that being customer centric and hardworking is a great formula for success and apart from working, one must also set aside time for family and play. I feel that this career brings about the perfect balance of work and play with sufficient work events and trainings but also great welfare and fun events all-round the year.

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Top Producer of the year (MLS Revenue Credit)

Top FSC of the year (MLS Production – Weighted APE)

Top 3 Producer of the year (MLS Case Count)

Titans Club 4 Stars Qualification

Million Dollar Round Table 2018