Thank you for entrusting your financial planning needs to me and I will continue to commit my very best effort to refine your financial goals according to your life plan.


Before working as a Financial Advisor, I was working in a construction company after my graduation.  After working for 6 years, I have decided to explore a career/business that can provide me with an unlimited growth, as being an employed staff can no longer satisfy what I wanted, ie. to earn what I am worth.  Financial Advisory career is in sync with what I am looking for and furthermore, it does not require any capital investment to start off.

For the first 2 years in the business, I was working hard in building my income.  I only truly understood the meaning of this business is when one of my clients was diagnosed with cancer.  That was when I realized the true meaning of insurance and how others will benefit while I am building my business.My beliefs are that to be a good Financial Advisor, one needs to have Integrity, Discipline, and a positive Attitude towards learning. Integrity while carrying out the business.  Discipline in getting the job done.  Right Attitude towards learning, improving oneself to better serve the clients. 

At Vision Advisory, having a good support system, great training platform and friendly environment has made it easier and enjoyable in the process of building my business.Together with a Team moving towards the same Direction and a focused Vision, our achievement can be unlimited. 

Technological development is changing consumers’ buying pattern and our sales process.  Vision Advisory has the foresight to embark in technology way before the impact of changehit us hard.  This has adequately prepared usin advance for the ever-changing industry.

For anyone who is looking to join this industry but has concern over the uncertainty, I would say “The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it”. As long asone is Determine, Discipline and Focus, he/she can achieve Success.  Drop me an email to find out more if you will like to help others with your job, it will be the most rewarding experience for you.


Top 3 AVPs or VPs of the year (Unit Trust Revenue Credit)

Titans Club 3 Star Qualification (AVP/VP)