Thank you for entrusting your financial planning needs to me and I will continue to commit my very best effort to refine your financial goals according to your life plan.


For me personally, choosing a Financial Advisory career is by chance, but staying is definitely by choice. With time and experience I’ve come to realize that I’m able to retire earlier by giving it my best during the earlier years. Other factors such as receiving passive income even when I’m not working, continuing to work as a Financial Services Consultant (FSC) even after I pass Retirement age, and also fulfilling my passion at the same time as my lifestyle, are few of the reasons why this is the best career choice I’ve made in my life.

Integrity, Honesty and Perseverance. In my opinion, these are the 3 most important qualities that a Financial Advisor should have. And when choosing a team, I’d say look for Leadership, Wisdom and the ability to inspire others. All of which Vision Advisory possess. Above all, VA is very sincere in helping FSCs in their career progress and improving skills.

To someone who is considering a job in this field, I want to say to them “If you never leave the shore, you will never reach a new Horizon”. Try getting out of your comfort zone and you might be surprised at what you’ll achieve.

My favourite quote is – “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” I strongly believe that by working twice as hard now, I’m preparing myself for a better future. If you would like to join me on this exciting career journey, contact me today!


Million Dollar Round Table 2018

Titans Club 3 Star Qualification