An advisor only becomes an outstanding advisor when she is trusted by people that she serves. This trust is implied and it impacts the success of their financial goals. Thank You to my clients who have placed their absolute trust in me.


Having spent my first year in a bank, I realised something very important:

Financial planning is never about the plans we buy, it’s about how we want our finances to be. Only then, do we find the plans to fit in.

To me, a great financial advisor aims to make a positive impact in someone’s life. This passion and desire to help others succeed in their financial dreams creates a sense of achievement that is exceptional.

This started my journey of becoming a financial advisor.

Taking my first step, I figured that in a financial advisory landscape, we become advocates to our client’s worries and dreams. We open up a new imaginative world where we get to anticipate the issues and have them taken away at the source rather than waiting for the inevitable to happen.

Vision Advisory is a Gem. It is more than just a financial advisory firm. It has been able to identify my unique strength and has leveraged on them to fulfil the potential that was otherwise unpolished and hidden.

Success in this business is dependent on yourself.
When the student is ready, the mentor will always appear. And in Vision Advisory, we regard mentorship as our prize asset that propels our advisors to a new paradigm.

Be true to yourself. You owe your success and failure to yourself.

“If you don’t build YOUR DREAM, someone will hire you to build theirs”


Million Dollar Round Table 2018

Titans Club 3 Star Qualification (FSC)

Titans Club 2 Star Qualification (AVP/VP)